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Miss SL Photo Challenge – Ahrm’Mor: The One who Wields True Death Full Back story

Due to a 200 word limit for the Flicker Posting of these pictures, I had to condense the back story a bit and thus remove some important details. I am posting the pictures here as well, and the Full story back story for those who would like to read it… Enjoy!

Ahrm’Mor: She of True Death, Child of Flames
Species: Chromatic Dragon – Child of Timat
Designation: Red Dragon
Alignments: Formally Chaotic Good – Currently Chaotic Evil.
Age: 150

Ahrm’Mor the name alone strikes fear into the hearts of mortals and immortal alike. The One who Wields True Death, as the name translates in elvish was not always one who was feared by the forces of good. There was a time where She was a force for good.

As with many Red Dragons she was left on her own from a very young age. To top it off, she was also in terms of power for her age, a weakling, one that would never amount to anything in the society of Reds.

Ahrm’Mor was found near the brink of death by a kind woman who took her in and despite what she is. The woman gave her the name Vehtë’koire, the stirring of life, due to the little red’s fighting nature. It was this woman who set Vehtë’koire on the path of becoming a force of good with a simple act of kindness.

Vehtë’koire spent much of her life fighting her own kin, fighting against the inherent evil nature of her blood as a child of Tiamat. It was a fight that took all of her will power, one that for a long time she successfully fought off. That was until another red came sniffing for a mate.

The affair was quick and short lived, but it did it’s job. producing a clutch of eggs. And first the first time, She began to feel the pull of her blood. The need to find a cave high in the mountains where she could leave her clutch of eggs in safety. During this her fight against her true nature and true calling. She left the cave one day to patrol the area she was now calling home.



While she was out a sinking feeling began to develop in the pit of her stomach an an anger began to boil deep within her blood and she turned back from her patrol and flew as fast as she could back to her lair the anger boiling over. When her foot touched the ground of the cave flames burst forth at what she saw before her. casings all over the floor from the back to the entrance the anger radiated from her as she reached the back of the cave where she saw her eggs shattered and destroyed. Not one egg was spared.

It was at that moment her self control snapped Vehtë’koire, was no more. the scream that left her mouth set the proof of the crime a flame. The flames of anger, and hatred and of pure unadulterated evil had been awakened. Ahrm’Mor had been reborn, not a weak thing, but a thing of anger and hatred.

The Carnage that followed her discovery was legend among even the reds. For a year, Ahrm’Mor laid waist to the lands not just around her mountain cave, but for several thousand miles away. In this chaos countless number of villages and kingdoms were laid waist by her flame. Just as the cave she once called home, each village and kingdom touched by her evil would continue to burn. The fires never able to be extinguished.



Hair- Exile: Gina – Natural Fusion Pack
Wings: {egosumaii}– +Bento Devil Wings Set +
Eyes: ~*By Snow*~ – Necropsy Eyes (Infect)
Scales: :[Even~Tide]: Dragon Scales – Red
Chain Mail – !Devious Minds – Valkyrie Black
Shoulders – =Zenith= Beserker Shoulders Black
Gloves – =Zenith= Berserker Gloves – Black
Tail – [Jorr] Scaled Dragon tail for Dvalinn Deer
Skin – Dulce Secrets – Arhm’Mor Fyre (custom skin)
Poses – Posesion Tauro 8 & Zen 4


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