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What’s in a Name?

What’s in a name? that which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet;”

William Shakespeare

So you ask where  does this blog topic of the day come from. It’s quite simple actually. I created a jewelry set not to long ago that I released in my store. I have named the set Isis Anne, after my angel baby. Now one thing I know that may happen, is that this blog may be reported, or suspended pending review for one simple reason. Because I mentioned the name, Isis.  This is the name of a Goddess. Mothers, daughters, grandmothers, aunts, and nieces. However it is also attributed to a terrorists organization. Thus sullying a beautiful name, and many beautiful women.


So why am I actually making this post? Well as I stated I named my Beautiful Angel Baby Isis. I named the set that I’m wearing jewelry wise after her. But due to fear the name has been blacklisted. A shame. The true meaning of the name has been forgotten. When you do a general google search the very first results that come up  now are all about terrorism, and the terrorists group. Now the question that really stands is WHO, not what, but WHO is Isis. And i’m not talking about the terrorists. I’m talking about the Origin of the name, the beautiful goddess of Magic, and Motherhood. She has lent her name to many beautiful women. There is one that I know of and have been able to get to know on Facebook Brittany.  She is a beautiful woman who looks eternally young. I would not be surprised if she was graced with the magic of youth. Her gamer handle has always been Isis, yet due to fear and misunderstanding she was forced to change her gamer handle. I have read stories of parents of young girls being called unamerican for their choice of names for their little girls. It’s disgusting, and saddening to see this fear taking over the truth of a name.


Isis is the one of the most beautiful names that I have ever run across. There are many beautiful names in the world, but this one has stuck with me since I was a little girl. While I never used it as a gamer tag, or a nick name for myself, I always said I would use this name for any child I had, and I did. While there may be many who are afraid to admit now because of the sheer hate, accusation and fear thrown there way, I will never be afraid to admit, not will I be afraid to call my Angel by her given name. Her name Is Isis, it will always be Isis, until the day I finally pass from this world. That is why I have named my set after her. In defiance of those who would color the name with fear. I will color it with the color and magic of Beauty, and the love that only a Mother can give.


Style Card

Hair: CATWA Aura
Makeup: Eyeshadow Zibska Moll & Lipstic: LIVIA Glamorous Gloss Blacks-Neutrals
Hair Base: Sinful Curves Hairbase 7
Jewelry: Moondance Boutique Isis Anne Full Jewelry Set
Shirt:RealEvil Industries *RE*Portia Lace Bustier
Skirt DE.Boutique @ Designer Showcase  AW16 Jamella Skirt
Shoes:*KC|Couture* .:KC:.Mina Heels

Head: Gaeline Creations [GA.EG] Kirsten Mesh Head
Body Maitreya Lara Body
Skin Dulce Secrets  Tierre
Eyes Dulce Secrets Transcendental Silver Honey Eyes
Ears [MANDALA] Hutuu Simple Ears
Hands & feet SLink

Locations: The Keys


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